Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! A recipe...and other random things

Was the Easter Bunny good to you this morning? He (er..He and SHE!)was very good to the boys. Here is their loot. What rotten, ahem- I mean precious little angels!

Do you like the tree I made them for their little table? I made it for less than $8!!! Took some elbow grease, and a muddy trek into the woods behind Heath's parents house for the branches, but I think it was worth it. I made my niece, Aubree, one too (this was just part of her Easter gift- I'll show you the rest later). I found her cute little planter at the Salvation Army for a quarter, and got my boys a plainer, more masculine one at Wal-mart for around 90 cents. I took em' outside and gave them a coat of navajo white spray paint. Then, I took some sand paper and roughed them up a little for a worn look. I didn't do too much with Aubree's since I thought it should still look girly. I hot-glued a piece of floral foam into the bottom, then arranged my branches how I wanted them. Next, I added some glass stones I found at the Dollar Tree to weigh them so that the branches wouldn't pull them over. Stuck some spanish moss on top, hung the eggs (found at K-mart), and DONE!

And here is the outfit Sawyer is wearing today. It was Jasper's and used to have his monogram on it, but I ripped all that out and re-did (is that a word?) it for Sawyer.

Now, for the recipe I promised. I have made these muffins multiple times, and each time, I say how I should make them more. I love banana flavored things, but not really the traditional banana bread with walnuts. This recipe seemed like a good compromise as it is still a banana muffin, but with an uber-delicious streusel topping! The recipe can be found here. If you make them, let me know if you think they are as good as I do. =)

Sawyer approves. =)

Again, I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

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  1. Wow! They made out like bandits! :-) I was too tired and lazy and preg to do the Easter bunny thing this year...Luckily Wal Mart was open Easter morning and I ran out to get some chocolate bunnies. haha

    :-) Glad to see you back!