Monday, July 13, 2009

Iced Coffee

Happy Monday everyone! See that small, curious, blurry face in the picture? That's my 4 year-old Jasper, and he just had to be in the picture. =) Today, I wanted to post this iced coffee because ever since I figured out how to do it myself at home- I can't get enough! Heath doesn't care for iced coffee, but I really love it, and I spent a little too much on them last summer at "5-bucks". I'm really glad I ran across Christy's post at Southern Plate, because it has saved me a small fortune so far this hot, sticky Alabama summer. It's really easy, so if you like iced coffee- you need to make this. Who knows? Maybe I have now saved you a small fortune too!

You need:
*container to brew coffee grounds in (I use 2 pint jars)
*ground coffee beans (grind them yourself, or use the already ground stuff...that's what I do)
* coffee filters (large ones- the ones I use come in a black box and they are for a Bunn coffee-maker)
* bowl to strain coffee into
1.) place 1 cup of coffee into your container or jar (you can use a large 32 oz. jar- or I like to use two pint jars)
2.) fill jar or jars with water, leaving a little space to shake the mixture.
3.) leave on counter at least 12 hours to brew.

Here are my jars brewing on the counter.

4.) Once time has passed (like Christy does- I start mine at night and strain them in the morning), place your strainer over a large bowl. (you can also use a colander if you prefer)

5.) line strainer with coffee filter, and pour coffee in and let strain (if you are using pint jars, pour the whole first jar- if using a large 32 oz jar, pour half). Be patient- it takes a little while. I just pour it in, and go do other things for a bit.

6.) switch out your filter, and strain the other half of your coffee.

7.) Once it's done straining, it's ready to drink, or you can just refrigerate it.

This is how I mix up my coffee. You can make it as strong on the coffee as you like it. I like it with half milk, half coffee, and splenda.

* In a measuring cup, measure 4 oz. coffee concentrate.

* Add 4 oz. milk (Use whatever you normally drink. I use skim)

* Add sugar or sweetener, and stir.

* Pour over ice, and enjoy.

The way I make mine (with skim milk and splenda) is only 45 calories. Can't beat that!


  1. Oh wow I have been wanting a recipe for iced coffee. I had forgotten about Christys recipe. Isnt Southern Plate just he best. She was my first blogging food buddy a year ago. My kids love to get in the picture as well. Thanks for stopping by I am following your site now. Ü I think the hardest part will be waiting for that coffee to brew.

  2. yes Tina, I love Southern Plate as well! Thanks for commenting. You are my very first comment ever!

  3. I tried this last night! I have to post a picture on my blog and tag it back here...will probably do so tonight.

    The coffee really is so much better than what I used to do..taking regular coffee..putting in the fridge and adding ice..I was never able to finish it by the time I got half way through because it tasted so watered down.

    YUMMM! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Glad you like it Amber! I used to try the same thing. I always wondered why it tasted like that compared to a coffee shop.