Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wonderful White Bread

There is just something about homemade bread, isn't there? We had a sweet elderly lady for a neighbor growing up, and she always sent us the most delicious homemade breads. The other day, I was flipping through one of my cookbooks and saw a banana bread recipe. Anytime I see banana bread, it immediately brings back memories of slicing off a piece of Mrs. Weaver's delicious homemade breads. I have made other yeast breads before- pizza dough, rolls, french bread, and even hamburger buns. But I realized I have never made an actual loaf of bread! We were coincidentally in need of throwing out our existing loaf of storebought sandwich bread. You know- the old routine where you pinch it a little and say, "Ah. It will be ok for another day."? Yep, we all do it, but this bread really needed to go, so I set out in search of the perfect sandwich bread. I finally settled on this Tyler Florence recipe* that I found on Stirring the Pot. Kim bakes most of her family's bread, so I figured I could trust her judgment. I was not disappointed...this bread is arguably the best (rolls, pizza dough, everything else included) that has ever come out of my kitchen. And I also have to say, I have never seen Jasper (my 4 year old) eat any bread with the crusts on it. He ate every crumb and never checked up. I thought,"What? You mean, I don't have to obsessively make sure that there is absolutely no brown part!?". He even asked for toast made out of it with jelly that night for his snack. That makes it worthy of baking for our weekly loaf if you ask me! The only issue I had, was that it started getting stale really fast, which is typical of homemade bread I think. So, when I bake our next loaf tomorrow, I am going to freeze half of it already sliced up so that I can just take out the pieces as I need them, and warm them a bit to soften them up.

* The ingredient list is not long for this recipe. The directions, however, are detailed and would probably take up this whole page of my blog. So, if you click on the link, it will take you to the Food Network site where you can get the recipe and read reviews and comments on it as well.

**The only change I made was to brush the loaf with melted butter instead of the egg white the recipe called for. I brushed it before baking and right out of the oven. It made the crust unbelievable!

Have a delicious day!


  1. i've never made bread either...but that sounds delish...and the picture with the baked spaghetti looked awfully yummy!!

  2. Thank you for mentioning me in your post : ) My daughter eats this bread with the crusts and all and it amazes me everytime. The picture of your bread looks terrific!! I'm glad to hear that you it!!